Bushfire danger forecast in conky

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology publishes daily forecasts of bush fire danger on its web and ftp sites. I live in an area with very high fire danger during the summer months, and I need to be aware of the forecast bushfire risk. I devised this simple bash script (called fire.sh), which grabs the local weather forecast, strips out the required information and returns it.

#! /bin/bash
#BOM weather forecast for Yarra Glen
#Get the data from the web
  DATA=$(curl -s $URL)
#strip out the fire danger rating line from the raw text
  FIREDANGER=$(echo "$DATA" | grep -A1 'Fire Danger')
#print the fire danger forecast
  echo $(echo "$FIREDANGER")

Displaying this information on my computer’s desktop using conky,  is accomplished by adding the following line to my .conkyrc file:

${execi 4000 /home/michael/Scripts/fire.sh}

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